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Safety Harness Set; Black; 6 Point Camlock Style For Use With HANS; FIA 8853/98 Approved; 2 In. Individual Shoulder and 3 In. Lap Belts; 2 In. Anit-Sub Belts; Pull-Up Type; Wrap Around or Bolt-In Mount; Sold As Kit

RaceQuip's FIA auto racing harness sets are designed and built to deliver the "Best Value in Safety", just like the rest of their product line. These FIA Pull-Up HANS Camlock style seat belt sets meet that challenge by offering loads of features at an affordable price. RaceQuip 754 series Camlock belt sets come in a six (6) point configuration, which indicates a dual 2" wide crotch strap design adjustable to 24". The lap belt is a "pull-up" configuration which means that you pull the lap belt straps up and toward the cam buckle to tighten. The 3" wide lap belt is adjustable from 20" to 48" in length and utilizes steel adjusters out toward the mounted end of the belt, thus requiring a pull up motion to tighten the belts. The individual shoulder belts use 3" wide webbing below the adjuster and 2" wide webbing above to accomodate a HANS or other Head & Neck Restraint device. Shoulders can be adjusted from 20" to 68" in length. These HANS / HNR friendly FIA rated harness sets not only exceed the SFI 16.1 specification, they also pass the stringent FIA 8853/98 standard. This “dual certification” allows racers in some sanctions (SCCA, NASA, etc.) to use these belts for up to five years instead of just two. Like all RaceQuip harness sets, they can still be rewebbed and SFI certified after the expiration date. RaceQuip starts with a super-lightweight 165 gram magnesium alloy cam buckle. The buckle features an engagement cone which allows the belts to snap into the cam mechanism at angles of 21˚ left or right and 11˚ up and down for ease of engagement. Precise internal spring pressure allows a positive feel on the 45˚ (right or left) unlatch movement without fear of accidental opening. Next, the drop-forged steel buckle hardware is sewn onto the premium polyester belt webbing. RaceQuip calls their proprietary soft and supple polyester webbing “transverse mono filament woven”, which means that there are mono filament fibers inter-woven into the straps in a pattern that transverses the standard weave. This design accomplishes two tasks - added strength and smoother edges on the belts. The harness sets also feature premium, lightweight, non-slip aluminum shoulder adjusters with wide easy lift handles. The lap belt adjusters utilize an anti-slip tensioner device to keep the belt tension consistent. Since RaceQuip seat belt sets are "double adjustable", the shoulder and crotch belt lengths can be adjusted on either end for ease of installation. Using the included three bar slides, you can mount the belts by either wrapping them around a rollbar or by snapping them in place with the supplied snap hook ends and eyebolts. Note that the lap belt snap hook ends are sewn on so they must be installed using the supplied hardware. Bolt on ends may be purchased sepearately if you wish to bolt the shoulder or crocth straps in place. NOTE: RaceQuip harness sets and seat belts are NOT D.O.T. / FMVSS 209/302 certified for on highway use. They are only to be used in racing vehicles off of public streets and highways. All racing harness sets are designed to be mounted in a racecar to a rollcage or harness bar - if you do not have either, you should not try to install any RaceQuip racing seat belts - otherwise serious injury or death may occur during any impact. Available in black or red - one "set" of seat belts equals one seat.

Details Surpasses and Exceeds Stringent FIA 8853/98 Standard
Design 6 Point Design with Premium 3” Proprietary Blend Webbing (2 Inch on Shoulders for HANS), Lightweight 165 gram Magnesium Alloy Cam Buckle, Premium Aluminum Shoulder Adjusters and Pull Up Lap Belt Adjusters and Wide Engagement Cone For Easy Snap In
Styling Precise Spring Pressure for a Positive Feel, 45 Degree (right or left) Unlatch Movement for Preventing Accidental Opening
Features Heavy-Duty Drop-Forged Steel Hardware, Wrap Around or Bolt-in Mounting, Transverse Mono Filament Woven and Increased Strength and Smoother Edges

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